My name is Grayson Hary

This is my website. I haven't had a website in over a year. Maybe longer. I used to pursue photography more seriously, but, as I have gotten older, I'd found myself reconsidering that pursuit. Today, December 31, 2018, I found myself thinking I should just get one online, so I am rushing to do that before midnight strikes (seven minutes to go).

So, here it is. A placeholder, or a reminder to myself to do something more with what I have been given. I don't have to be any singular sort of creative person, I can do what I like. Maybe I won't make a career out of it, or maybe I will. Hell, I am almost 30 and I feel like I have nothing to show for that.

Here's to 2019, and sticking with shit that we love, lest we get bored and wonder why we didn't try new things while we had the chance.